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If you've been to Tech, here are some things that might interest you:

I also have some things on my site that have nothing to do with Tech, but might be interesting anyway.

-Tom Jones (
 Physics & Basic Sciences 1992
SPRIL News editor, 1987-1992
Paydirt editor 1989-1991
SA President 1991-1992

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Jose Rafael Celis B. y*
I just want to say hello and to be in touch with the school.
7/16/2005   4:52:10 PM       IP:
Suzanne Linder l*
Hi! I've lost touch with techies, but I've just moved to Baltimore after being overseas for a few years. It's been great reading this website during my 3am observing time at Arecibo.
12/20/2004   4:23:46 PM       IP:
Nick Amicone n*
If you have a background in RF or MMW and are intested in moving to Hawaii,please send me an e-mail.
9/23/2004   4:38:18 PM       IP:
Cliff Yang c*
I'd like to get a hold of my old friends from NMT Cliff Yang
8/8/2004   2:46:19 PM       IP:
Craig Copelin n*
The kinetic sculpture photos are very nice. I was a bit chagrined to see that Hersh came out. I suppose I should stay in touch with people so that I would know I could visit with them. Oh well. BTW Kate and I are moving from Silver Spring to Baltimore.
5/5/2004   9:19:18 PM       IP:
Donald McKelvey * http://
New Mexico Tech Class of 1960 There are some pictures of Tech and Socorro on my web site.
4/27/2004   4:22:36 PM       IP:
Dragon r*
10/8/2003   10:26:18 PM       IP:
Dragon r*
10/7/2003   9:53:08 PM       IP:
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