New Mexico Tech radio advertisement

This classic rap tune was one of several commercials aired on Albuquerque radio stations in 1991 and 1992 to increase enrollment at Tech.  It was quite controversial among students at the time.  I happen to have one of the very few recordings because I was editor of Paydirt.  The fidelity isn't great, but it's good enough for you to get the gist of the thing.

Listen now, and if you like, leave a comment below!

-Tom Jones
Physics & Basic Sciences 1992
SPRIL News editor, 1987-1992
Paydirt editor 1989-1991
SA President 1991-1992

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Sean Lynch s*
I am no longer sure if I can still recommend Tech after hearing that! Thanks Tony.
3/22/2004   4:08:48 PM       IP:
steve s*
Haven't listened to it yet, but I resemble that comment about satan. ;p
11/13/2003   9:25:00 PM       IP:
x x*
christ in bloody hell, send it back to the blackest pits of satans dark heart from whence it came!
5/12/2002   4:37:27 AM       IP:
Brett Palmer N*
This has to be one of the most ludicrous recruitment efforts conceivable…The PR version of impedance mismatch. I distinctly remember laughing uncontrollably after first hearing it.
5/10/2002   6:35:06 PM       IP:
eric e*
"Don't be negative when you can be positive". It's funny because it's true.
5/10/2002   11:21:47 AM       IP:
Jeremy Epstein j*
Wow. As much as I dislike rap, I dislike this even more. I just hope my alumni contributions didn't pay for it.
5/10/2002   8:27:02 AM       IP:
K. Scott k*
I remember Jen telling us in the SA that this ad is the reason the SA had a PR committee.
5/9/2002         IP:
schlake s*
Wow. I never heard that.
5/9/2002         IP:
Kent R K*
sounds like an ad for a VO-tech school
5/9/2002         IP:
Leann l*
I hadn't heard this before, and I kinda wish I hadn't now.
5/9/2002         IP:
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